Assembly Democrats Voter Registration Form

To register to vote in an Assembly Dems election, you must qualify as a registered Democrat. Please enter your name, address, and birthdate, exactly how you registered to vote, so we can verify your voter status.
If you are planning to run, please DO NOT fill in the pre-registration form to vote. Your candidate application will also double as your pre-registration form to vote. You will be given your Voter ID Code once completing your candidate application form.
Note: If you have a mailing address listed on your voter registration record that is different from the address you are registered at then we will automatically mail your ballot to the mailing address listed. We cannot change your voting record to reflect another mailing address outside of your voting record.
To request your ballot be mailed to a mailing address that is not listed on your voting record you must email, listing the new mailing address. Staff will notify you that they have updated your application with the new mailing address. Your request must include your new mailing address, your completed application email receipt, your full name, and assembly district as you are running/voting in.
Process may take a minute. Do not refresh page.